You will see a white dotted line around the outside of image (also called “Marching Ants”)Go to Edit and from the dropdown menu select “Stroke” and a popup box will appear
The pop box allows you to set the colour, size and position of the stroke. Set the Width 4px. ,  Colour White - if the colour is not already white, click in the colour box which brings up the options to select white. Location - select “Inside” - Click OK
Sizing Images For Competitions
This document should be read in conjunction with ”Club Competition Rules” also published on this site. It has been prepared as an aide memoire to assist members in creating PDI’s for submission to the four main categories of competition currently supported by the Society:South Shields P.S.  Monthly PDI and Annual PDI competitions. (Normal Club Competitions)Northern Counties Photographic Federation PDI Competitions. (Northern Area Interclub Competitions)South Tyne Club Competitions (Interclub Competitions between the six South Tyne Clubs)Photographic Society of America Projected Image Division. (International Club Competitions)Each of the above has slightly different requirements in the preparation of the image entered.Before moving to the sizing of the images, I will address two subjects common to all images discussed here: -It is recommended that all images are submitted in sRGB jpeg format for best projection resultsThe use of a stroke or fine white border around the image.It is normal practice within our club to apply a stroke, which is a 4px white line to the image creating a fine white line as a border around the image in order to separate it from the background screen when projected.The NCPF however, do not advocate the use of a stroke but overall it is a matter of personal choice.How to apply a stroke is set out below for the information of new members. For members conversant with resizing images I set out the relevant sizes for each competition.
South Shields P.S.  Monthly PDI and Annual PDI competitions. (Normal Club Competitions)
Resolution 72dpi.Horizontal size 1000px (Max 1024px)Vertical size 750 (max 768)Quality: - preferably less than 800kb.Name: - Title - Membership number plus A, B or C to indicate your order of preference for the image.(In the event that a competition is oversubscribed the competition secretary may remove the “C” images)Example: - “Black Swan 210A.jpeg”                  “Souter Lighthouse 210B.jpeg”                  “Reflections 210C.jpeg”
Northern Counties Photographic Federation PDI Competitions. (Northern Area Interclub Competitions)
Resolution - 72dpiHorizontal size - 1400px (max)Vertical size- 1050px (max)Quality - 800kb or lessName: - Title (less than 25 characters.) plus your name, E.G. “Sunrise Over Marsden A Nother .jpeg”Images for NCPPF competitions should be provided to the external competition secretary sized as above showing Title and Authors Name

South Tyne Club Competitions (Interclub Competitions between the six South Tyne Clubs)
As per 1 above - but no A, B or C necessary in the namingPhotographic Society of America Projected Image Division. (International Club Competitions)As per 1 above BUT   the Resolution must be 300dpi- (no A, B or C necessary in the naming) The P.S.A. requires us to send print quality images.For new members, I set out competition specific illustrated instruction for applying a stroke and resizing images below.Applying a fine white border or Stroke using Photoshop (also applies to using Photoshop Elements) Working on the basis that you have edited the image and that it is of print resolution - 300dpi - Open the image and make a duplicate copy (close the original) Go to Select and select “All”
Go to “Select” and from the dropdown panel select “Deselect” The “marching ants” are removed.
You will now see the fine white line (Stroke) around the image
You now can resize the image for the specific competition as follows:
1. South Shields Photographic Society - Normal Club Competitions

The maximum projection size is 1024px (horizontal) x 768px (vertical) and images should not exceed these dimensions.
Resolution is 72dpi. (The saved file size should not exceed 800kb)
It is the normal accepted practice within the Society to size images slightly under the above sizes to ensure uniformity of projection. Therefore images should be sized at a maximum of 1000px in Landscape orientation and 750px in Portrait orientation.
In preparing PDI’s please change the resolution to 72dpi first.
Then change the width - 1000px or height - 750px
Save your resized image - Save As - Image Title - Your Name - Member Number
In saving your image you will be given the option of setting the image quality. The above illustration shows that saving the image at “maximum” quality will result in a file size of 587.4kb. In many cases at the “maximum” setting the image will be over 800kb in size. To reduce the file size move the slider to the left until the image is under 800kb.For “in house” club competitions larger size of files are acceptable. However, the NCPF competitions stipulate a maximum file size of 800kb. Therefore to avoid confusion all PDI images should be no more than 800kb in size.
2. Northern Counties Photographic Federation PDI Competitions. (Northern Area Interclub Competitions)

The NCPF use larger projection sizes and file conventions hence the following requirements.
Resolution 72px
Horizontal maximum size 1400px
Vertical maximum size 1050px
Quality - image should be 800kb or less.
NCPF Competitions require the image title to be no more than 25 characters - which includes spaces. Again save as “Title - Authors Name”
NCPF competitions normally take place in February and April each year. The External Competition Secretary issues competition specific guidance on submission of entries to these competitions.
3. SouthTyne Club Competitions (Interclub Competitions between the six South Tyne Clubs)

Prepare images as per 1 above - normal club competitions.
4. Photographic Society of America Projected Image Division. (International Club Competitions)

At present the Society enters the Projected Image Division Club Competitions. This entails entering four competitions a year competing against clubs on an international level. We submit 6 images from 6 authors to each competition. The images are prepared to the sizes outlined at 1 above BUT the PSA require that images be sized at a resolution of 300dpi to enable printing if necessary.
Title - Save as  “Image Title” -  “Your Name”
The External Competition Secretary is the PSA representative and will advise on the submission of images.
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