Terms and Conditions.
Picture Gallery Is For South Shields Photographic Society & It's Digital Group Only.

1. Maximum size 500 pixels on longest side @ 72 dpi.
2. No Adult Material of any kind.
3. South Shields Photographic Society supply’s this gallery as a service and is supplied on an 'ASIS' Basis No warranty of any kind is granted to the gallery.
4. Terms of use is simple please don’t abuse it. South Shields Photographic Society reserves all rights in this matter to amend Terms and Conditions and not limited to deletion of material and albums and deletion of  accounts.
5. Please have a batch of your Photographs ready before you send them to me via E-Mail or give them to me on a CD.
6. If you want your Gallery deleted let me know. If you want certain images removed then let me know. If you are not already on the website and want to have a gallery on the website then give me your name along with your Images preferably 10-20 images to start off with.
Preparation Of Images
Using you favourite image editor edit your photographs and make sure that they are:-
1. 500 pixels on the longest side and 72dpi and in 8 bits per channel.
2. That they look as intended (Sharpness, Colour, The Right Way round, ect)
3. Have a descriptive title with no spaces but use an underscore if you wish and saved in JPG and a quality of between 8 ( High) and 12 (Maximum)
4. Have as many images as you can at once but  not too many.
You  Can request your images from me so that you can edit them ie delete the ones you no longer what on the website and add new ones ect.  I  will send you them in a zip file. This will contains a folder ( Your Name ) so edit your images in that folder and re zip that folder up so you can send then back to me

Gallery Information

Tuesday starting at 7:30pm - 9:00pm from September to May.

St Bede's Roman Catholic Church
Westoe Road
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE33 4LZ
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