Interclub Competitions

All members are eligible to enter their work for possible selection for any interclub competition (which may be Prints, 35mm Slides or Digital Images) There is however no guarantee your work will be accepted by the Secretary or Selection Committee. There are rules governing interclub competitions that we must adhere to, for example there will always be a limit to the number of pieces of work per member per category. It is also important that the work selected for these competitions is of such a standard that the Society has the best chance of success. This does NOT mean that preliminary workers are exempt from entering. 

N.C.P.F. Competitions

All clubs and societies within the boundaries of the N.C.P.F. (Northern Counties Photographic Federation) and are members of the Federation will be invited to enter their work both as a club entry and as individuals. The club entry is limited to a set number of images and only a designated number of those entries may be from one author, but an individual can enter a set number of images into various categories for example "; Wildlife"; "; Portraiture"; etc There is also a beginners section. This does not mean that a beginner's work is not eligible for part of a club entry. The annual championships are announced every year by the competition secretary of the Society or the President when the full rules will be posted or explained at the time. The annual presentation of the awards is usually held around November. Successful images may go on the P.A.G.B. (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) where the images are seen and exhibited nationally for which there are certificates etc. However it is very important that the NCPF rules are adhered to by individuals, failing to do so could lead to disqualification of the clubs entry and the ensuing embarrassment.

PSA PID Creative Interclub Competition

•   This one should be pretty obvious, but, components making up the image should be the work of the submitter.
•   Clip art should not be included in any form.
•   Ideally, anything “made” in Photoshop should be the work of the submitter.  An example would be converting an original image of a cloud to a brush and using it in some manner in the image. I say “ideally” because something like this is impossible to police.  Things that come with Photoshop (or other image editing applications) can be used and manipulated but may not be a key component in the image.  (i.e. Using Fibers (in PS - Filters/Render/Fibers) as a starting point to create rain, or ocean waves or wood textures would be acceptable.) 
•   Images taken from the web may not be used as a component in an image in any manner.  We’ve had people just plain enter an image they took from the web (and PSA, the Club and [most importantly] I were threatened with law suits).  We had someone use one of NASA’s most famous images (Pillars of Creation) as a background for an image.  Neither are acceptable.
•   This is a biggie.  “Straight” HDR images are not considered “creative”.  HDR has gone too mainstream and “HDR only” images are entered several different PSA Division competitions.  The Creative Competitions are for images with that have been highly manipulated.  HDR can be a part of the manipulation, just not the only thing done to the image.
•   Just as a word of caution, single keystroke manipulations do not typically score well in the Creative Competitions.  A “tiny world” made by using the Polar Coordinates (in PS - Filter/Distort/Polar Coordinates) filter typically doesn’t do well.  Same with Glowing Edges, Solarize, Pixelate and other one keystroke changes.  On the other hand, all those (and more) may be used as a component of a larger image.

That should be enough to get everyone on the same page.  There are probably other things that might trip you up, but we’ll mention them as we go.

Everything will get scored (HDR, tiny worlds, etc.) except images that are recognizable from other sources.  (A published or iconic image of a celebrity, site, etc.)  Those images will be disqualified and not be made up in later competitions.  The club will just be short by the number of DQ’d images submitted.

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External Competition Rules

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